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Camella Bulakan is located at Bgry. Matungao, Bulakan, Bulacan.

Choosing a new home can be really hard. If you make the wrong choice, you tend to put your family’s convenience at risk. Worse, your entire lifestyle and work routine will be severely affected. This means you stand to lose money and time for your daily travels and basic necessities. That’s why choosing an ideal location for a new place is crucial and much thought is needed for this particular decision. The great thing is there is a choice outside of the metro that can cater to all of your needs. That choice is Camella Bulakan.

Relocating to an area outside of Metro Manila scares most people. Much of what people need revolves around the big city and a residence far from it can be detrimental. Well, a home in Camella Bulakan won’t mean any of those things. This property is located in an area that promises to maintain your lifestyle and even improve it, the municipality of Bulakan in Bulancan. This area is easily accessible by NLEX and it won’t even eat too much of your time. In fact, the total travel time from Bulakan to Metro Manila is just around 45 minutes. With less than an hour of your time, you can be in the city to work, study, or fulfill your errands.

And for those who don’t have any form of private transportation, don’t worry. That’s because there is a very efficient public transportation system near Camella Bulakan. These buses, vans, tricycles, and jeepneys are always available to serve you and safely transport you to key areas in Metro Manila. As a result, you can have the best of both worlds in your new home and with the life you’ve maintained in the metro.

Having the lifestyle you’ve always wanted is easy here in Camella Bulakan. This property is situated in a location that’s near establishments that are important for your basic and recreational needs. Going to shopping malls from your future home in this property won’t pose a problem too. These malls include SM Marilao, Robinsons Balagtas, and many other markets in Bulakan. Plus, there are also a lot of restaurants, cinemas, and other exciting places that are near you. With this establishments just a couple of minutes away, there’s no reason to lack any supply in your home or wish you were nearer the metro.

Health and a good education are two things every family works hard for. With a residence in Camella Bulakan, these two aspects of your life will most certainly be taken care of. Firstly, your children’s education will definitely be improved with a lot of education facilities near this property. These schools include La Consolacion Asumpta Academy, Doña Trinidad Mendoza Institute, and St. Martin de Pores School, among others. These educational institutions offer quality education at a distance that’s far more agreeable to your daily routine and lifestyle. Secondly, there are also several hospitals nearby that can help you resolve every medical concern you have. Two of which, Jesus of Nazareth Hospital and Balagtas Doctors’ Hospital, promise to be there when a need arises for you and your family.

There are other great places to be when you choose to have a home in Camella Bulakan. They are only waiting for you to come on over, have a home here, and discover all the hidden gems this area has in store for you and your loved ones.


  • San Ildefonso Church


  • SM Marilao


  • Jesus of Nazareth Hospital
  • Balagtas Doctor's Hospital

Terminal Station:

  • German Espiritu Liner Inc.


  • St. Martin de Pores
  • La Consolacion, Assumpta Academy
  • Dona Trinidad Mendoza Institute


  • Bulakan Public Market

Major Road:

  • Mc Arthur Highway


  • Jeep
  • Bus
  • FX

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